Smelly Hair Is Frustrating – What To Do

Smelly hair is actually referred to as a syndrome. This is because most people don’t know exactly what to do to get rid of the actual causes. Many people believe that the smells come from the hair itself. However, research shows differently.

Where Does The Odor Come From – The Head?

The actually smell comes from inside the hair follicle and head skin. The follicle is the best place for the same bacteria that causes body odor to hide. It can bury itself deep inside the follicle, under the hair root. There the oils that are released by the sebum gland actually pour out oils in defense of this bacteria and this is why the oily scalp and smelly hair syndrome often go hand in hand. To make things even worse the oils are what this bacteria feeds off of. This very similar to acne or pimple problems that are found with oily skin.

Remedies or Treatments

Years of experience show us that by removing the plugs at the follicle opening that are created by the scalp oils (they can become crusty and hard to remove) must be removed. This needs to happen all over the head. By removing any obstacles at the follicle opening you will now allow the scalp treatments to reach deep down inside the follicle to go after, irrigate, purify and cleanse the bacteria. Most hair products can not even come close the deep purification that ZincX ingredients can do.

Special herbs breakdown dirt and debris that the bacteria hides behind and feeds off of. What we call the Magic Mineral (zinc) then destroys any remaining bacteria that is then removed through the flushing process done with the shampoo and conditioners over the weeks.

What Do The Products Smell Like?

No medicine smell! Easy to use and very effective and not just for smelly hair but also for getting your follicle back to perfect which allows for perfect hair growth. People forget that healthy hair grows from a healthy root. It the follicle is loaded with dirt, shampoo residue, hair styling products residue etc then your growth will not be optimal and you can expect hair problems and also expect these problems to get worse!

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