Where Did This Scalp Fungus Come From

We often get people asking where this scalp fungus came from and more importantly what are the remedies. First let start with fungus symptoms. There are different types of fungus that grow on the head and in the hair. One of the most common is ringworm. It is easily spotted and tends to grow in circles on the head. The symptoms are often hair loss and raised red edges! Ringworm is not the only fungus!

What Are The Most Common Scalp Fungi

The most common fungus that grows on the scalp it from genome Malasezzia Furfur. It is believed to be the cause of dandruff and also of seborrheic dermatitis. Many experts believe that the only difference between dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp is the number or amount of furfur that is on the head. These fungi are typically held away from the scalp by a good defense that the scalp typically has. However, high ph shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments can cause problems leaving the body open to foreign invaders.

What is The Remedy For Fungus in The Hair & On The Head

The magic ingredient is actually a combination of ingredients that are an herbal complex as well as a mineral that has been altered to keep it from drying out the scalp. ZincX Products do more than just cover up symptoms – instead it is the answer to a longer term solution that will be with you for longer term results.

Natural Ingredients are and in our shampoo, cream and conditioner go after the very cause of seborrheic dermatitis! ZincX does an amazing job of creating hair products that use this special mineral as well as a combination of herbs that work wonders. They deep cleanse and irrigate to remove the build up that the fungus often hides behind in the hair!

Where Can You Get ZincX? You can get ZincX here! It is the original and now ready to ship again!

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